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St. Louis based Nexcore Co-working, the collaboration mindset and principals are a vital part of the BusinessGPS model. Rooted in the belief that we can raise ourselves, our performance and our results through helping to develop each other and grow together makes the BusinessGPS experience challenging and rewarding.


​There is nothing like BusinessGPS.


Is BusinessGPS Right for YOU?


Have you ever wanted to join a networking group, but it felt like is wasn't "quite right"? What you wanted was an element of both personal and professional growth with an exciting environment
and dynamic people.



Introducing: BusinessGPS


​BusinessGPS is the most unique, dynamic, interactive, and exciting networking concept in the country. Born in St. Louis, Missouri and launched out of a partnership with Nexcore, BusinessGPS brings together the best and most talented business professionals who are committed to building their business while building their community and each other.


With an unwavering commitment to fulfilling the needs of our members and making lasting changes in the community, BusinessGPS has redefined how you network and how you connect with others.


We truly hope you'll join us!



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