Our Mission

To unite all business owners, entrepreneurs, and business professionals, by providing an environment promoting mentorship, collaboration, personal development, and leadership development through events, training, and face-to-face interactions within a structure designed to challenge and stretch our members.


The History

The concept that would eventually become BusinessGPS was created by Co-Founder Jim Shelvy in 2008 in Tulsa, Oklahoma. In 2012, Co-founders Jim & Lauren Shelvy relocated to St. Louis where they were introduced to Larry Cohn. Very quickly, the group was "recreated" in St. Louis when Co-Founder Larry Cohn added his unique take
and dynamic style and St. Louis L.E.A.D.S. was born.


In 2017, BusinessGPS would officially take shape and was introduced to the St. Louis Landscape with a single Chapter that had been formed out of the NexCore building in south St. Louis. With the help of our incredible chapter members and great chapter leadership, ​ BusinessGPS began to expand with a second and third chapter forming almost immediately. The combination of personal and business development along with the chapter's ability to help steer
the course for the group makes BusinessGPS the most dynamic and exciting Networking Event ever created.


The history and timeline of BusinessGPS is just beginning and the story is being written through the success of the members, the growth of their business and the evolution of each individual that makes up the BusinessGPS family.
But the true measure is the impact on the communities we serve.


"We will forever be known, by the tracks we leave behind." - Dakota


The Co-Founders

Jim Shelvy is a native St. Louisan and serial entrepreneur, public speaker, and professional developer who is passionate and well-versed in helping to transform people, teams, and companies into profitable, successful businesses. His background is in sales management for big box retail operations including Best Buy, Maytag, and American TV, and in the small business sector as a consultant. Most recently, he served as a Vice President of Sales for an international company with sales in excess of $500 million annually.



Larry Cohn has a diverse background, blending his business acumen with personal development strategies and mindset-based growth philosophies to launch, fund, and support companies and nonprofits across the U.S. He is a graduate of The Harvard Business School for Executive Education and Negotiation, Washington University in St. Louis, and The Fire Walking Institute for Research and Education. Through his many successful business pursuits, his businesses have been featured in Money Magazine, USA Today, and Food and Wine. Larry serves on the advisory board of Lift for Life Gym, the 7th Grade Poetry Foundation, and is an active volunteer in the community.



Lauren Shelvy began her career in sales, excelling at one of the largest homebuilding companies in Oklahoma as a top performer. Since 2010, Lauren has worked closely with her husband Jim to develop and train profitable employees and companies, acting as the daily executioner for their management and consulting firm, and the “glue” that holds the NexCore team together. She is a mother of two, has a passion for cooking, and is very active in her community.